Upload a Floorplan to the Venue Library (Legacy Version)

Any to-scale floorplan in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format can be uploaded, scaled and saved to your account's Venue Library. Only Owners and Admins can save floorplans to the Venue Library. Planners and Limited Planners can upload floorplans directly into an Event.

Video Tutorial

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To add a new Venue to the Venue Library, navigate to the Venues tab and select New Venue.

After entering Venue Details (a Name is required), select Next.

Choose a file to upload (files must be in PDF, JPG or PNG format)

After the file is selected, it will appear on screen, allowing further edits: 

  • Crop the diagram
  • Scale: Draw a line segment along any known length and enter its actual length to scale the diagram

    Tip: As long as the floorplan is proportional, you only need to scale the diagram with one dimension!

Select Next to complete the process. You'll find your uploaded floorplan in your Venue Library. 

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