Finding Venues & Floorplans (Legacy Version)

Access the Venue Library in one of two ways: from the Venues tab or from the Room Settings window within the event.

To access from the Venues tab, select the dropdown in the upper-right with your name and select Venues... or select Venues tab at the top of the page!



On the Team Venues page you will find all available Venues. Floorplans uploaded and saved by Owners and Admins can be found in the "Venue Library" section of the Properties. 

Tip: Search for existing Social Tables floorplans or select Search All Properties from your Events or Venues tab.

To create a new event using one of these floor plans, hover your cursor over the floorplan and select the green New Event button.To access your Venues though Room Settings within your event, click the gear wheel on the Room tab at the bottom of the screen (or right-click on the floor and select Room Settings):

From the Room Settings window opens, select Choose From Library to the left of the window.  

Scroll through saved Properties or the Venue Library to view your floorplan options. 

Select the desired floorplan and click Done in the lower-right to upload the floorplan into the room.

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