The New Social Tables!

We're in the process of launching a new version of Social Tables, rebuilt from the ground up to provide a faster, sleeker, and more intuitive event management platform than ever before. So we've rebuilt our Help Center as well, to ensure that our users have ready access to the resources they need to plan and execute spectacular events using Social Tables software. Welcome to the new Help Center for the new Social Tables.

The Old

If you're still using the legacy version of Social Tables, your diagram interface will look a little something like this...

And not to worry! All of the legacy resources you need can be found in this new Help Center. Use the search bar and choose from the articles that say (Old Version) in the title, or scroll down to the Legacy Social Tables section from the Help Center homepage.

The New

If you're already using the new version, your diagram interface will look a little something like this...

...and you'll be searching for the articles without an 'Old Version' tag, found in the New Social Tables section of the Help Center. 

So no matter what version you're using, search away! And if you can't quite find the answer, use the Contact Support button to let us know! We're committed to building and maintaining a premium, self-service Help Center to guide our users on their upcoming exploration of the new Social Tables platform.

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