Templates make it easy to add multiple tables and chairs to your diagram all at once. Using a Templates is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Select a Template in the left-panel
  2. Customize the details in the right-panel
  3. Click & Hold on the floorplan itself, drawing out the Template onto the diagram.

Step 1: Select

Select Templates in the top drawer of the left-panel, next to Objects. Next, select the desired Template style. 

Step 2: Customize

After you select the desired Template style, additional customization options will appear in the right panel. You can customize these details before and after creating the Template.

Use the Edit Template options to customize the entire array of objects as a whole. The options available in this section will vary depending on the style of Template chosen. 

Use the Edit Object section to make further edits to the specific object (table, chair, or booth) chosen for the Template.

Step 3: Click, Hold and Draw

After you've customized the details in the right panel, you're ready to add the Template to the diagram. Click & hold on the floorplan itself, drawing out a box with your cursor. The objects will populate within the box. Release your cursor to create the Template!

As you're creating the Template, the table & chair count will populate in the Equipment List in bottom drawer of the left-panel (in parentheses, below the diagram's total table & chair count). 

Once the Template is created, you can make further changes from the Edit Template or Edit Object sections, add table numbers with Table Numbering tool, or Ungroup the Template to manipulate or remove individual objects.

Want to see more? Click here to view a 90-second Video Tutorial on Templates!

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