Sharing Seating Capabilities With Your Collaborator

Social Tables makes it easy and convenient for you to share your event and collaborate with your clients in real time. 

There are several levels of sharing permissions that you can grant your collaborator:

Can View

  • Event Details + View All will only allow them to access, view and upload files to, and comment in the Event Details including viewing objects on a diagram and attendee lists.
  • View All will allow them to view objects on a diagram and attendees. 
  • Diagram Objects will allow them to view objects on a diagram. 

Can Edit

  • Edit Details + Edit All will only allow them to access, view and upload files to, and comment in Event Details as well as edit diagrams, attendees and add collaborators. 
  • Full Edit Access allows them to edit diagrams and attendees, check-in and seat attendees. 
  • Diagram Objects allows them to edit existing objects on a diagram. 
  • Check-In Attendees only allows them to check-in attendees. 
  • Seat Attendees allows them to add attendees, seat guests on a diagram and check in guests. 

View Only Access: Objects, Objects & Guests  

1. Start by selecting the Share drop-down tab located in the upper left-hand corner: 

2. Enter your client's email address and use the pencil icon to select the level of editing permissions. 

(You can re-adjust your client's permissions using the pencil icon at any given time.)


3.  After adjusting the editing permissions, click the check mark to officially add the client as a collaborator to your event: 

After selecting the check mark, an email will be sent to the collaborator with a link included in order for them to access the event and begin Seating!

Your client will need to create a free username and password to access the event.

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