Updating Pick-Up Quantity and Rate.

You now have the ability to update both the pick-up quantity and rate prior to actualization. The Pick Up is the quantity of rooms that have been booked by a specific group and the rate at which those rooms were booked. Please follow the steps below to make these updates to your bookings!

1. In order to begin updating your pick-up, you must first make sure that the booking is in the Definite status.  As soon as you are ready, click the pencil in the upper right to edit your room block


2. Once in your room block, you will see two new rows named Picked Up and Picked Up rate. Enter the data and click the save button in the bottom right.

You also have the ability to copy a Day Pattern. This is a great time saver. In order to do so simply click on the Copy Day Pattern button to the right of the date and select to All Booking Dates.

Please note that you can only edit the Picked Up and Picked Up rate fields while the booking is in Definite Status.  Once the booking moves to Actualized the fields will become Read-only.

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