Lead Scoring

Social Tables gives you to the power to score inbound prospects based on your own chosen criteria, and in turn assess their quality in seconds. Check out the image below to see our new lead scoring tool in action:

The scores you see above correspond with a set of rules that you determine. Social Tables automatically reads the contents of an RFP, runs that information through those rules, and produces a score between 0 and 100 that you can evaluate immediately. 

Does the planner’s proposed budget matter more to your property than anything else? Great, you can tell Social Tables to weigh an RFP’s budget above all else. Maybe the number of guest rooms a planner requires is a more accurate indicator of lead quality. Also great! Social Tables can help you score how you want. 

You can apply rules that weigh the following information:

  • Meeting Space Capacity
  • Guest Room Capacity by Occupancy
  • Guest rooms by Occupancy (Single, Double, Suite)
  • Meeting space attendee count
  • Budget
  • Flexibility
  • Booking pattern
  • Lead Source
  • Booking Type (Event, Guest Rooms, Both)

If you already have Social Tables’ RFP response tool, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager to set up rules that make sense for your property. 

If you don’t already have our RFP response tool, you can also reach out to your Customer Success Manager. They'll be happy to schedule a demo to show you how to start scoring leads quickly and intelligently! 

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