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Social Tables Propose is a digital tool that allows you to easily create and share personalized proposals that highlight your property’s best assets. You'll free up your team to spend more time strategizing and interacting with clients and you can even see when prospects view proposals and what pages they spend the most time on. Getting started in Propose is as simple as telling us a little bit about your property!

Upload a Logo

Upload your property’s logo in .jpg or .png file format. This logo will be included on your proposals.

Upload a Banner Image

Upload a banner image for your proposals, in .jpg or .png file format. This image will be used as a visual centerpiece for the Introduction section of your proposal.

Tip: See how your logo and banner will look to your client by selecting Preview in the lower-right of any proposal.

Name and Address

Finally, enter the name and address of your property and select the pink checkmark to get started building your first proposal!

Tip: You can always make changes to your Property's logo, image, and information by clicking on your logo in the upper-right of the Propose builder.

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