Create a Proposal

Once your property's information, logo, and banner image have been entered, your team can begin creating proposals right away! Each Social Tables Proposal contains four sections...

  • An Introduction
  • Up to three different Options for the client to choose from
  • A Catering menu
  • Itemized Pricing 


Write an introductory message to your prospective client and upload their logo to give the proposal a personal touch. 

Your property's default banner image will be displayed in the Introduction, but you can click on the banner image to choose a custom banner image instead. This will not alter your team's default banner image.

Here's a 30-second video highlighting the process of creating a new Proposal and adding an Intro!


Include up to three different Options for your client in each proposal. For instance, you might include both an 'Indoor' and an 'Outdoor' option. Each Option includes a Summary, the Rooms and Layouts chosen from your property's Social Tables floorplans, and a Timeline

For a more in depth look on creating Options for your proposal watch this Video Tutorial!


Attach PDFs of the proposed Menu into the Catering section. 


Add an itemized pricing breakdown for each Option in the Pricing section. Here's a short video showing the automatic pricing calculations in action!

Once you've previewed your finished Proposal, you can share it with your client! Click here to read more about sharing Proposals.

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