Overview of Social Tables Home

Social Tables has an all new Home, a redesigned base of operations for you and your team to easily navigate the Social Tables platform. When you first log in, you'll be brought to the Events page, where you can view or access you and your team's Social Tables Events. 

Creating & Accessing Events

  • Filter between My Events or Team events as a default 
  • Create a New Event with pink +Create Event button in the upper-right.
  • Sort through your events by clicking on Upcoming Events, Past Events and All Events
  • Use the vertical dots to the right to  Edit the Name & Date of an Event, Duplicate an Event, or Delete it altogether!

Using Storage

Access the assets you use in Social Tables without having to create an event. 

  • Click on Storage to view all of your diagrams at once with visual previews, without having to go into each event. 
  • Sort through your files by clicking on the three lines to view files listed or select the four squares to see a visual preview.


Need to upload a new logo, add or remove a team member, or add an additional floorplan to your event space library? All of these actions are available under the left panel by clicking Settings

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