Using the Stamp Feature and 45° Degree Rotation

We've recently added a stamp feature which allows you to add objects to your event using a click + click option. Now you can quickly add 7 or 8 of the same object such as a bar, crescent table, or cocktail table to your event without needing to copy and paste or use templates! 

Follow the steps below to begin using the stamp feature: 

Step 1. From the left focus panel, select the object that you would like to place into your event using your mouse

Step 2. Hold down the option key on your key board and click into the floor plan to "stamp" your selected object through the diagram

Once you add any object or template you can rotate in 45° degrees increments. Here's how:

Step 1: Highlight the object using your mouse or trackpad

Step 2: Hold down the shift key on your keyboard and grab the object handle and begin rotating The object will rotate clockwise in 45° degree increments 

Read more about editing multiple objects here.

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