Uploading and Scaling a Floorplan

Any to-scale floorplan in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format can be uploaded and scaled into Social Tables, including Google Map images. 

There are two options to upload a floorplan, upload the floorplan directly into your Event Space Library or upload directly into your Event Diagram.

Upload a Floorplan through Event Space Library

1. Click Settings in the left-hand menu.

2. Select Event Space Library then click the pink New Event Space button. 

Once a file has been uploaded you can scale and crop the floorplan

    3. Click the Scale tool then Click and Drag a line along a known length of the floorplan such as the scale bar. If there is not a scale bar you can use a door (a standard door will measure 3').

    4. Enter the length of the line then click Scale.

You can also Crop your uploaded file, when necessary.

    5. Click the Crop tool and highlight the area of the floorplan you'd like to include

    6. Click Crop Image

Once you have scaled and cropped your floorplan click Save 

Upload a Floorplan in Your Event

To upload a floorplan from within a Diagram Event, add a new Room to an Event, click on the Diagram icon on the bottom left corner of the Diagram page.

  1. Select the Create Diagram (+) button to open the Rooms window
  2. Select New Floorplan
  3. Enter the name of the Room
  4. Select Upload Floorplan to choose a file from your computer
  5. Finally, choose to Save to This Event for one-time use or Save to Account Library to use again

The floorplan is now added to the Diagram event, but you're not quite finished yet!

Scale the Floorplan

Once the Floorplan has been uploaded, it must be scaled properly to ensure that space is accurately represented on the diagram. Use the Scale tool to scale the floorplan:

  1. Click on File in the menu and then click on Scale Floorplan
  2. Click and drag to draw out a line segment along a known dimension of the diagram, such as the scale bar, a door or a wall
  3. Hold down the Shift key to lock the scale line to a straight line
  4. Enter the actual length of the line, and then select Scale

As long as the file itself was originally to-scale, the diagram will be to-scale in Social Tables as well! 

Once a floorplan has been scaled from within a Diagram event, that scale will be saved and apply to the floorplan when it is added from the Venue Library into future events.

Google Map Images

Uploading and scaling an image from Google Maps or Google Earth is fun and easy. Follow the previously outlined steps and you'll be on the road to success in no time. Remember to use the scale bar in the bottom right corner of the Google Maps image for the most accurate scaling.

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