Template Defaults and Template Presets

Template Defaults and Template Presets are both ways of saving time by selecting and saving the standard sizes and dimensions of templates you frequently use.

Setting Template Defaults

Template Defaults can only be set by Team Owners and Admins. 

 1. Click on File and select Administrator Settings under the drop-down menu.

2. Select Defaults and click Add Template Default.

3. Enter the Template Type, Table type and enter all the spacing and object information and click Save.  Only one template default can be saved for each type and table combination.

Setting Template Presets

Template Presets allow you to save frequently used template types so you can re-use them to save time. You don't need to be a Team Owner or Admin to set Template Presets. 

1. Select the Templates Icon and select a Template Setup type.

2. Modify the template options including table and chair size as well as arrangement details. 

3. You may place the template on the diagram, or choose to save the preset without placing. 

4. Click Save Preset. 

5. Name the Template Preset. It may be helpful to include the table size or number of chairs per table. 

6. Click the small box that reads Share to my Team if you would like everyone on your team to have access to this preset. 

7. Select Edit Presets from the Preset dropdown to delete a preset or to rename it. 

Please note that Template Presets are specific to each template setup type. For example: if your property uses 60" rounds that present will need to be saved for aligned and staggered tables to apply. 

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