Quickstart: Overview of the Toolbar in Diagram

Welcome to our newly redesigned software offering. With simplified workflow and menus you'll be off diagramming in no time after we review the toolbar together. Let's go!

This is the Template button - it will save you boatloads of time by helping you create max capacities in seconds. Read more about templates here

Click on the Chair button to view all of the single objects. Place tables, chairs, stages and plants into your event by accessing the objects in the library. 

A massive time saver is to locate a specific object using the search bar in place of scrolling. Read more about adding editing tables and objects here.

Remember all of those Favorites you created and saved to use next time you are in real time crunch? Locate and search through all of the My Favorites or Team Favorites by selecting on the Star button.

Use the Search bar located at the top of the Favorites listing to search for a favorite by name.

Read more about creating favorites here.

Have the perfect diagram designed and want to open a saved Layout? No problem. Open all saved layouts for that specific room type by selecting the square gear button.

Read more about saving and opening layouts here.

Have a event and need to quickly number 1008 tables? Look no further, our table numbering button will expeditiously simplify that process. Press the button with the number 6 marker to begin numbering.

Read more about how to use the table numbering tool here.

Adding custom text can really improve diagram communications across teams. Select the capital T button, click your text location on the floorplan using your mouse and enter the text from the focus panel to populate your customer text

Read more about the text objects here.

Love to double and triple check your measurements? Need a arrow or a break line? We have several options to suit the needs of your event. Select the ruler from the focus panel and follow the prompts to place your object.

Read all about using lines and the ruler here.

Strategic placements of custom images and logos can promote transparency across teams, clients, and stakeholders. Select the button that looks like a mountain range to get started.

Read about how to add a custom image here.

Begin perfecting and making last-minute changes to your attendee list on the fly. Drag and drop attendees from the focus panel to a table of preference as well as add, delete or Autoseat. 

Read more about importing a guest list here.

Manipulating meal, tags, and seating assignments in a elegant expanded view is 1 click away. Look to the focus panel and press the Clipboard button to view your attendee list in Grid. All edits can be made instantaneously from the focus panel.

Adding a new room to your event is a heavy rotation workflow but we've made that process more streamlined for a simplified feel. Select the overlapping squares at the bottom of the focus panel to create a new diagram or rename, delete, or swap a floorplan! 

Read more about rotating and swapping floorplans here.

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