Exporting to Download and Print

You can easily download a PDF of your diagram from the File menu located in the upper-left hand corner. 

Choose one of three selections

  • The Current Room open
  • Multiple Diagrams in the Event
  • A Selected Area of the current room

Choose which Options, Add-Ons, and Formatting you'd like to include in the PDF.  Then select Export! 

Watch this short step by step video!

Your diagram will begin to export. Once complete you will receive a notification to check the Export Bell located in the upper Right-Hand corner. The pink dot indicates that your exported event is ready. Simply select View to see a preview of the PDF in a new browser tab, or Save the PDF to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Exporting

Q. My export appears really zoomed in and some things I placed outside of the diagrams like notes and objects aren't showing. What can I do?

A.  When you go to export your diagram be sure to include the Prefunction Perimeter, or area outside of the floorplan. This is typically a helpful space to place check-in tables or notes! 

Q. Can you explain to me how to use the Page Size and Page Orientation?

A. Page Size allows you to determine the size of the sheet of paper you'd like to print on. Now you can even enter a custom size such as 11"x17"! 

A. Page Orientation will allow you to control whether the paper is oriented vertically or horizontally. You can select this from the Page Orientation dropdown! Be sure to take a look at the preview above to understand how your export will appear! 

Q. From the preview I can see that my floorplan needs to be rotated. How can I do that?

A. The export matches how your rooms appears on your diagram. For example, if your main entrance is always at the bottom of the page when you go to export the main entrance will orient in that same way. Should you need to rotate your diagram prior to exporting go to File, then select Rotate Floorplan

Watch this short step by step video!

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