New Diagram Design

What if the world’s most popular diagramming tool became even better and easier to use? That was the thinking behind the latest redesign to our Social Tables Event Services Solution, the platform supporting over 5,000,000 successful events. With a fresh new look, improved templates, and vastly more intuitive workflows, we've brought the future to the event planning industry. The most exciting part is that it's all based on your feedback.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a completely new version? Will my layouts, favorites, and diagrams still be there after migrating?

A. This is not a migration, just a redesign to make diagramming more focused on you--the user! You'll still find all of your favorite tools, features, and diagrams with a fresh new look. Think of this as a kitchen renovation, your sink is still in the same place but it's much better looking and easier to find the right bowl you're looking for. 

Q. How do I learn more?

A. Attend a Live Training Session offered Monday-Friday. Click to sign up for an Introduction to Diagramming Session. You'll be able to see a full overview of the latest from Social Tables, discover where to find your favorite tools and features and ask plenty of questions. 

If those times do not work for you feel free to watch a recording of the session.

Q. Do you have any resources? 

A. Head to the Help Center to find helpful visual guides of all of your favorite features and tools. 

Q. Who can I talk to?

A. Contact our award-winning Support Team.

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