Selecting and Grouping Objects

Selecting and grouping objects together will allow you to make changes to objects and easily maneuver objects around the diagram.

To select multiple objects on the diagram

1. Ensure the selector icon is toggled on in the Control Panel located in the lower right-hand corner. 

2. Click and drag around the objects you wish to select. You'll be able to tell that they are selected when a light blue box appears around the objects. 

You can also hold down the Shift key on the keyboard while individually clicking on the objects to select objects on the diagram. Once selected click the group icon in the panel to group together. 

Ungrouping will allow you to move objects individually. To ungroup simply click on any item part of a group and click the same group icon in the panel. 

Tip: Objects can also be grouped and ungrouped by first selecting the objects then clicking the Arrange drop-down menu, by using keyboard shortcuts, or by right-clicking.

Any object can be locked into place. After you've highlighted an object click the lock button on the left panel. No edits are allowed on locked objects. Simply click the lock button again to unlock full edit features again.

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