Creating and Locating Favorites

Start by creating an object or an arrangement of objects you would like to use again. This can be anything from bar setupOnce you've created an object or an arrangement of objects take the following steps to save a favorite for yourself or your team.  

  1. Click on an individual object or click and drag to select an arrangement of objects to save as a favorite
  2. Click on the star icon in the Panel
  3. Name the favorite
  4. Choose to save the favorite to your personal favorites menu or to your team favorites for everyone to use 

Tip: Team Owners and Admins have the ability to save favorites to the team. Planners can save personal favorites. 

All of the favorites that you create are saved for future use and be located by clicking on the Star Icon on the left focus panel

Click, drag, and drop the saved favorite from the Star icon on the left to the floorplan on the right

Easily edit your Favorites from within Settings. Access settings by going to File then Diagram Settings or by hovering over the Room name located in the center of the page and clicking the Settings button

From within the Settings page click on Favorites. From here you can select favorites to delete or click the pencil icon to rename a favorite. 

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