Adding Text to Objects and Rotating Text

To add text to an object in Social Tables simply click on the object, then enter the details in the Left-hand side panel in the Object name field.

Tip: Label your buffets and food stations to help communicate details to your team. 

Exporting your event with text labels

When exporting an event from Social Tables the text labels and table numbers will rotate along with the orientation of the diagram. This is intentional so that your set up team will be able to see the diagram with the corresponding text and table numbers in the same orientation of the diagram. If you do not wish for your object labels to rotate with the diagram then we suggest using the Text Tool.

Below you'll see how the Diagram appears upon Export. Click on File, Export Diagram, Current Room, be sure to select Rotate diagram to fit the page. Notice that the text added with object details rotates with the diagram, while the text object retains the orientation. 

Tip: You can also add text to the diagram or on top of an object by using the Text Tool. Any labels placed with the text tool will retain the orientation of which they were placed.

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