Adding lines and measurements to a diagram

Click on the ruler icon located in the toolbar. Choose from a line, a ruler or an arrow then take the cursor to the diagram click and drag to place a line. 

Edit the length of the line or label an arrow in the panel. 

Tip: Use the Shift key while dragging to have a line snap to a cardinal direction. 

Ruler lines may be anchored to to objects on the diagram. 

  • Select the Ruler tool. 
  • Hover the cursor over an object and click to select an anchor point.
  • Click and drag to place the dimension line or attach the line to another object. 
  • Upon moving an object with an anchored line the dimension will update. 

Measurement Guides are a helpful way to see the distance between tables. Measurement guides will appear when selecting a table and moving it towards another table. 

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