Changing Object Colors Using Hex and RGB Codes

Most objects in the library have a feature that allows you to edit the color in several ways. 

Option 1

Once an object is highlighted, the left focus panel populates. Using your mouse click into the color box and snake through the tones to pick a color gradient. 

Option 2

Another approach is to use the slider. Locate it the same way as option 1. Click to highlight the object, look to the left focus panel and grab the slider using your mouse. It's nested inside of the color box. 

Option 3

Color branding can be used to compliment a special client or company that you are hosting at an event. Here's how you can enter a custom Hex code and change the object color.

After the object is highlighted click on the color box. There is a field in the color box where you can enter a hex code.

Option 4

There are RGB codes that can be used to manipulate the object color and tone. After an object is highlighted click on the color box. You'll see three edit fields and R, G, and B edit field. Type your RGB codes into the field and watch the custom color appear. 

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