Overview of the Legacy Check-In App (Legacy Version)

Open the App Store on any iOS device. Search for "Legacy Social Tables Check-in" and download the Legacy Social Tables Check-in App!

Login with the same Social Tables credentials used to login on your internet browser.

If you are a Guest Collaborator, you can set up login credentials by selecting Forgot Password from socialtables.com/login. Send a Password reset link to the email address that received the invitation to collaborate on the Event!

Select an event from your event dashboard or create an event by pressing the + button in the lower left

 Tap the three stacked lines in the top left to access the filter menu

1. Refresh your guest list

2. Add a guest or additional guests

3. Send QR Check-in Email

4. Import a guest list

5. Change rooms

Swipe once to the right to check in your guest

Swipe to the right a second time to check out your guest

Swipe left to edit an individual guest's information 

Video Tutorial

Video Thumbnail

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