QR Codes in the Legacy Check-In App (Legacy Version)

To begin using the QR Codes during your Check-In process, download the Social Tables Retired Check-In App for iOS devices from the App Store.

Video Tutorial

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Sending QR Codes

  1. Select your event from the Event Dashboard 
  2. To send QR codes to each guest, click on the Customize icon located top left hand side of the screen
  3. Select Send QR Check-in Email 
  4. Select Send Emails 

Tip: QR codes can only be sent to guests with email addresses in the Email column of Attendee Manager.

Scanning QR Codes

  1. To scan QR codes during the check-in process, select the QR icon in the upper right
  2. Position your camera over the QR code and begin checking in your guests!

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