Supported File Types

You can now store everything related to an event in one place. 

Supported file types include:

  • Audio Files (e.g. a mp3) 
  • Compressed Files (e.g. a zip)
  • Data Files (e.g. a csv)
  •  Image Files (pngs, jpegs, etc.)
  •  Presentation Files (e.g. a ppt)
  • Spreadsheet Files (e.g. .xls)
  •  Video Files (e.g. a .mov)
  •  Word processor and text files (e.g. a .pdf or .doc)
  • CAD files (e.g. a .dwg).

What is the storage limit in Social Tables?

Upload as much as you need to make your event a success! Each individual file must be no larger than 20MB. 

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