Technical Requirements

Browser Requirements for Social Tables

In order to have a seamless experience using Social Tables, you'll want to ensure that your computer and internet browser is fully compatible with Social Tables.

Start by updating your browser. Social Tables is most compatible with the latest up-to-date version of Google Chrome. If you don’t already have Google Chrome installed, you can download it here

If you already have Google Chrome installed, click here to be sure you have the latest version. 

If Google Chrome is unavailable at your organization, the next best browser to use is the latest up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox.  Click here to download. 

Double check you're using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox by clicking here.

Social Tables is optimized to work in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We do not recommend working in Safari or Internet Explorer due to a lack of compatibility pertaining to rendering graphics and images. 

Computer Hardware Requirements:  

  •     2GB of available memory
  •     iOS 7.1 or higher to use our mobile app

Ensure WebGL is Enabled

Visit If you can see a spinning cube, WebGL is good to go! If you see an error message, reach out to so we can help you.  If you experience a WebGL error while using Google Chrome, it may also be helpful to use Mozilla Firefox. 

Floor Plan Requirements:

Check with your Engineering or Facilities team, or the architectural firm that did your latest reconstruction to get these files, and email them to us. Let them know it's important the files are to scale for accuracy. We accept any of the following, computer-aided design drawings [CADs] ending in .DWG, high-quality .PDFs that have the scale indicated on them, even if it's just on a door. We also accepted paper architectural blue prints that have been scanned in.

Please also send a list of corresponding names and room combinations to accompany your files. 

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