Overview of Team Hierarchies

Users that manage multiple Social Tables teams are considered part of a hierarchy.  Users that manage multiple Social Tables teams can still access their primary and managed teams like they used to in our New Home dashboard. These users have one 'primary' team, as well as Admin access to each 'managed' team in their hierarchy.

Users on the primary team can:

  • Create their own events on the primary team
  • Create events on any of their managed teams
  • Access the events, floorplans, saved layouts, and team settings for each managed team
  • Clone an event from any managed team's account into the primary team's account

Navigating a Team Hierarchy in New Home

1. To start click on the avatar located in the upper-right hand corner of your screen. 

2. Select Switch Team Accounts to navigate between the teams within your hierarchy:

2. Choose the managed team you'd like to work in. You'll be brought to the Home Dashboard of the managed team you select: 

At any time, just click into the avatar menu to see which team you are currently viewing.

Helpful tips:

  • If you're on a primary team then click to switch to a managed team, you will retain the roles and permissions from your primary team.
  • Events created by a primary team user while accessing a managed team will be accessible by members of that particular managed team.
  • All events created by primary team users will be accessible from the primary team, no matter which managed team was used to create them. 
  • When a primary team user clones an event in a managed team, it will be cloned back into the primary team's account.

If you have any questions about using Team Hierarchies or have a need for additional Social Tables teams, contact Support from the bottom of the Help Center.

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