Searching for Floorplans in Search

You can search for any available properties in the Social Tables Library of Venues by accessing our Search Library. Some users will be able to access it through the icon in the top right corner of Social Tables Home.

Or, you can simply go to

Search for the property you are looking to access. If the property is available in our library, you can hover your mouse over the floorplan, and select "Create Event". And begin diagramming right away!

You can also access them from the "Venues" tab when you login, when creating a new Event, or when adding a new Room to an existing Event.

If the property is not available in our library, you can always obtain a to-scale diagram of the rooms you’ll be using directly from the property. Ask for either PDF, PNG or JPEG format. Once you obtain those files, you can upload them into your Event Space Library or directly into an event and then begin your diagramming.

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