Overview of Social Tables Home

The new Social Tables has an all new Home, a redesigned base of operations for you and your team to easily navigate the Social Tables platform. When you first log in, you'll be brought to the Events page, where you can view or access you and your team's Social Tables Events.

Creating & Accessing Events

  • Create a New Event with pink Plus (+) button in the upper-right.
  • Check out this Video Tutorial on creating a New Event!
  • Use the View Diagrams dropdown to access any associated event diagrams, created with the new Social Tables Diagram software.
  • Use the View Guest Lists dropdown to access any associated guest lists, created with the new Social Tables Check-In software.
  • Use the buttons on the right to  Edit the Name & Date of an Event, Clone an Event, or Delete it altogether!

Note: Events created in the Legacy version of Social Tables will appear with [V2] in the name.

Event Filters

Can't find the Event you're looking for? Don't worry! It probably hasn't disappeared completely... it's simply getting filtered out of your current view. By default, the Events page shows only upcoming  Events that you have created. Click the X next to the Date and Owner filters to view past Events, or those created by other users on your team.

If you're still unable to find an Event after clearing those filters, reach out to support@socialtables.com or use the Contact Support button at the bottom of the Help Center.


Use the drop-down in the upper-right to access your Team Settings or to Change your Password.

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