Add Event Sales to Your Website

Social Tables Event Sales is a flexible, interactive, full-campus view of your meeting space that you can embed right on your website. 

Embedding a web component inside a web page is a simple process for an IT professional or Content Manager who has permission to update your website. Below are the instructions you'll need to add the embed widget to your website and start generating leads.

Install the Embed Code

  1. Copy the embed code provided by Social Tables
  2. View your HTML source code using your development environment or content management system of choice
  3. Paste the code snippet and into the page section you'd like it to appear
  4. Save and publish

Sample embed code snippet:

<!-- Begin SocialTables Convert embed code -->
<iframe class="css-1yvs06s" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" style="border: none; position: relative;"></iframe>
<!-- End SocialTables Convert embed code -->

Sample code insertion:

What's an Embed Code?

Our embed code is an HTML "window" (iFrame), a common tool used on websites, that can be placed inside a website’s existing HTML structure to display external content. It’s just like embedding a Youtube video.

Have any questions about setup or need to connect with your Project Manager? Use the Contact Support button at the bottom of the Help Center or reach out to 

Want to learn more about utilizing Social Tables Event Sales at your property? Click here to sign up for a live demo!

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