Rooms and Swapping Floorplans

Each Event created in Social Tables can hold an unlimited number of Rooms. Keep adding Rooms to an Event until you've created as many diagrams as necessary! Find all the Rooms in an Event in Rooms section, in the middle drawer of the left-panel, next to Layouts. You can also open a separate Rooms window by clicking the Options button, to the right of the 'Rooms.' 

  • Right-click on a Room tile Open, Rename, Duplicate, or Delete it. 
  • Double-click on a Room tile to open it directly.
  • Swap Floorplan Save time by swapping the floorplan and keeping the diagrammed objects as your set up. Swap the floorplan from underneath the diagrammed set up for a time-saving hack!
  • Use the Search bar to search for existing Rooms in the Event

Here is the swap floorplan feature in action: Right click on the thumbnail of the room and select swap floorplan. Next, select the floorplan you would like to replace the old one with and press the checkmark to confirm that action.

There are also additional options within each left panel room thumbnail allowing you to Rename, Duplicate or Delete a floorplan--just right click on the room thumbnail to begin.


Add a New Room

Add a new Room from the File menu in the upper-left, or from the Plus (+) button in the Rooms section or window (shown above).

Add a Blank Floorplan, Upload and Scale a PDF, or choose from a floorplan saved to your Account Library. When choosing from your Account Library, you can add an Empty Room to the Event, or choose from one of your team's saved Layouts

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