Copy a Room Into Different Event

To add a setup from one event to another event, the objects can be Duplicated directly into an event from ST Home, Saved as a Layout or Favorite and added to the new event.

From ST Home you can press on Storage > Event Diagram then select a diagram to duplicate directly into the event of your choice by pressing the three vertical dots in the top right of the storage object. Repeat this action for saved layouts and attendee lists. 

1. To Save a Layout and add the Layout to a different event follow these steps

Saving as a layout is the best option for Admins and Owners when the same floorplan and a large number of objects are being used in a different event 

2. To Save Object(s) as a Favorite and add the Object(s) to a different event follow these steps

Saving Object(s) as a favorite is the best option to add a smaller amount of objects to another event on the same or different floorplan, and also for users with Planner or Limited Planner access who are unable to Save Layouts

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