Sharing an Event

Sharing a Social Tables Event online makes the process of communicating and collaborating with partners and clients a breeze! 

Use the Public Link to allow people to view your Event online. You can also add guest collaborators to an Event to make edits of their own!

Start by selecting the Share button in the Menu towards the upper-right hand corner of the screen

Guest Collaborators

Simply enter the collaborator's email address, select a permission level, and click the pink Save button! An invitation to begin collaborating will be waiting in their inbox.

Can View

  • Event Details + View All will only allow them to access, view and upload files to, and comment in the Event Details including viewing objects on a diagram and attendee lists.
  • View All will allow them to view objects on a diagram and attendees. 
  • Diagram Objects will allow them to view objects on a diagram. 

Can Edit

  • Edit Details + Edit All will only allow them to access, view and upload files to, and comment in Event Details as well as edit diagrams, attendees and add collaborators. 
  • Full Edit Access allows them to edit diagrams and attendees, check-in and seat attendees. 
  • Diagram Objects allows them to edit existing objects on a diagram. 
  • Check-In Attendees allows them to check-in attendees. 
  • Seat Attendees allows them to seat attendees on a diagram. 

Use the Restrict Access Date + Time toggle to prevent collaborators from making further edits after a certain date and time. 

Once you've added a Guest Collaborator, select the Manage Collaborators button to adjust their level of access or remove them from the event. Your guest collaborator will be sent an email invitation inviting them to collaborate on your event. They will be able to set up a username and password to access the event you have shared with them. 

Public Link

In the upper-right hand corner, you will see a message that says Private link. When this is toggled, only you and your team have access to the diagram. If you only need to share access to view the diagram, rather than edit it, an even simpler solution is the Public Link!

 To make the link public, toggle the button to turn access from Private to Public. You will then be able to copy the event URL and share the link with your clients. Having access to the public link gives the viewer view-only access to the Event in their web browser.

When the Public Link is toggled on, anyone is able to click on the Event URL and open view-only access to the Event in their web browser. Simply copy, paste and share that link!

Want to see more? Click here to view a 60-second tutorial on Sharing & Collaboration!

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