Give each member of your team easy access to commonly used room setups by saving them as Layouts. Each Floorplan will have it's own unique set of Layouts. Once your most frequently used Layouts are saved to each Floorplans, diagrams that might've taken hours will be finished in minutes! 

Saving Layouts

To save your diagram as a Layout, select the Layouts section in the middle drawer of the left panel, and select the Save (+) button.

All of the current Room's available saved Layouts will appear in the Layouts section in the left panel... or click the Options button next to 'Layouts' to open up a separate window.

Right-click on a Layout to Rename it, Delete it, or Replace your current diagram with the chosen Layout. 

Tip: Since Layouts are unique to each individual Floorplan, there's no need to include the name of the Floorplan when naming the Layout!

Using Saved Layouts

When creating a new Event, or adding a new Room to an existing Event, choose a Floorplan from your account and then the desired Layout. Or choose Empty Room to begin diagramming without a saved Layout.  If any rotation is required, make sure to first place the layout and then rotate the floorplan. 

Want to see more? Click here to view a short Video Tutorial on Layouts!

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