Create a Public, Shareable, Event Link with View Only Permission

Now clients, attendees, and stakeholders can view your event using a public link!

If you would like to share your event with multiple clients by giving them view-only access, generating a Public Link is the best option. Anyone who has access to the Public Link can visit your event page, view your diagrams, and render in 3D.

To turn on the Public Link, look for this toggle at the upper-right of your page. Turning it on will change it from Private to Public, and generate a link that you can copy to your clipboard.

If at any point you would like to change your event back to a Private Link, simply toggle the button off and your event will become Private.

For added convenience, there is a PDF quick view which generates a printable PDF in a new window. This button is located in the upper right adjacent to the public link icon. 

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