Sharing an Event and Adding Collaborators (Legacy Version)

Start by selecting Share in the upper-left of the Event.

Next, enter the Email of your collaborator in the Send to field and select a Sharing Option.

Tip: Make sure there are no stray spaces before or after the email!

Share Options

Email PDF - sends a PDF of the event via email, with the option to include a message

Can Edit - full access to the Event

Can Seat - full access to the guest list, which includes importing, editing and seating attendees. The invite also includes a passcode to login to the Check-in App.

View Floor & Guests - access to view the diagram and guest list

View Floor Only - access to view the event diagram

Edit Current Objects Only - access to edit objects currently on the diagram, but not to add or remove any objects

Finally, select Share to send the invitation to collaborate!

Make Event Public

If the "Make this event public" box is checked, the URL that appears will provide view-only access to the event. Simply copy, paste, and share!

Collaboration Settings

Once a Guest Collaborator has been added, Collaboration Settings will appear.

Choose to receive daily email notifications, with an overview of all the collaborators who made changes to your Event.

Set a collaboration end date to terminate access to an Event after a certain date and time.

After making any changes to the Collaboration Settings, select Save.

Video Tutorial

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