Tags & Meals

Tags and Meals provide a simple way to add meal information or other important labels and identifiers to your guests. Both exist within the guest list itself and can be assigned to or removed from guests individually or en masse.

Pro Hack: Tags are primarily used to flag a guest with additional information and do not behave like the Group function. For example, if you have a keynote speaker, musician, diplomat, or Gold Donor attending your event Tags can be added and a text notification can be sent out once that guest arrives and checks-in to your event. Read more about Check-In Notifications here.

Add Tags & Meals from the Edit Guest window

Add existing Meals and Tags to a guest from within the Edit Guest window.

Create new Tags or Meals from within the Edit Guest window by typing the new name and pressing enter on your keyboard.

Tags & Meals Sections

Select Tags or Meals to view and manage all guests associated with that tag or meal. 

Want to see more? Click Here to View a Three Minute Video Tutorial on creating tags and meals!

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