Tags are the purpose for a person being at an event, or other identifiable information about them. Tags are a simple way to add meal information or other important labels and identifiers to your attendees. 

Tags are primarily used similarly to a note in order to flag a guest with additional information upon checking in. Tags do not behave like the Group function. 

Add Tags prior to importing a guest list

You can easily import a large number of tags by adding them to a guest list file prior to import. 

1. Use the recommended Social Tables template

2. Insert tags associated with an attendee under the Tags column

3. To add multiple tags simple separate them with commas

Add Tags using the Attendee Grid

To begin, navigate to the Attendee Grid by clicking on the clipboard icon in the Toolbar.

1. Simply double-click into the Tags column associated with an Attendee to add a tag.

2. Type in the name of the Tag

3. If the Tag already exists choose from the list

4. To remove a tag double-click and select the small X

Add Tags using the Attendee Panel

Once attendees have been added or a guest list uploaded you can edit the tags from within the Attendee Panel.

1. Click on the Attendees tab in the toolbar. The icon looks like three people

2. Search the Attendee list or select an attendee to edit

3. Click on the three horizontal dots then select Edit Attendee

4. From the Edit Attendee Modal you can scroll down to edit Tags associated with an Attendee. 

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