Overview of Attendee Management Tool

We are excited to present our newest attendee manager feature! We now offer a grid view to easily see and edit all your guest information. 

There are two ways you can access the grid view. For both of these options, you will want to be within the diagram. It cannot be accessed through our Mobile Check-In app. 

You can access the grid view from the toolbar on the Attendee Tab or from the top menu by going to View then selecting Attendee List Grid View

Our new grid feature will show all the categories included on your imported guest list:

You are able to edit any category from within the grid. This includes the ability to add new tags and meals. 

One of the most exciting features is the ability to make changes to table numbers and the seating changes will reflect on the diagram. 

Other Features Include:

  • Sorting the list by the category of your choice
    • Hover your mouse over the category you would like to sort by. An arrow will appear in the right corner. Clicking on that arrow will change the sorting order to sort that column alphabetically.
  • Search for guests using the search box on the top of the grid
  • Add an individual attendee
  • Check in and check out guests
  • Import a guest list
  • Export the guest list
  • Add a new column (category)
  • Make mass edits

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