Import a Guest List | Attendee Wizard

1. Locate the Attendee Wizard on the left-hand panel under the drawer titled Attendees.

2. Click on "Add an Attendee List" to import. It will then prompt you to add a list by dragging into the shaded box or by browsing your files via "Choose Files." We highly recommend using our CSV Template when creating your guest-list.

(If you wish to automatically seat your guests upon importing be sure to number the tables on your diagram and assign your invitees their respective table numbers)

3. Once you upload your file and click "Next" to proceed, deselect any unwanted fields that do not correspond with your guest list. 

4. Your guest list will appear within the Attendee Wizard on the left-hand panel.

If you want to upload a guest-list directly from the Check-In App please visit Import a Guest List from Excel

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