Eventbrite Integration

1. Access Check-In

To access Check In from within Diagram, navigate to the top toolbar and select File > Access in Check in Web 


2. Select Import Guests

3. After selecting Import Guests, be sure to select the Eventbrite logo and login using your Eventbrite username and password

4. From there choose the appropriate Eventbrite event by clicking it with your mouse. 

5. You'll need to review that the guest list fields are correctly mapped and confirm by selecting the Import button located at the bottom of the dialog box. Our Column Names are listed on the left and Your Matching Column Names are listed on the right. We make our best guess at matching the columns up correctly. 

After uploading the file and matching the fields, you'll receive a confirmation of a successful import.

 You'd also receive confirmation any type of error or discrepancy that occurred during the import, such as a duplicate guest or a formatting issue with the original spreadsheet. 

If you're experiencing any issues importing a guest list, contact Support using the button at the bottom of this Help Center. Or for immediate assistance, use our Live Chat!

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