Check-In App Filters

While using the Check-In app, there are a variety of view toggle options to filter your guest list, so you can display the most important information for your guests.

To open the view filter menu, tap the filter option in the bottom-left of your event page.

In this menu, there are options for sorting your guest list, filtering guests by check-in status, and displaying additional information on guest cards.


Under the Sorting tab, you’ll find options to sort your entire guest list. The list can be sorted by:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Organization

Selecting one of these options will automatically sort the list. Pressing the X in the top-right of the screen will display your resorted list.

Check-In Status

Under the Check-In Filters tab, you’ll have the option to choose which guests to display on your list based on their check-in status. All three filters can be toggled on or off, so you can display only guests who have checked in, checked out, have no check-in status, or any combination of the three.

Display Options

Under the Display Option tab, you’ll find additional information you can display on every guest card. You can select up to multiple different filters to display simultaneously.

Want to see more? Click Here to View 2 Minute Video Walkthrough on Check-In Filters!

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