Tags & Meals (Legacy Version)

Tags and Meals are first created within Attendee Manager and then assigned to attendees.

Creating Tags & Meals

To create and assign Tags and Meals, first open the full-screen view of Attendee Manager.

Next, select the appropriate tab at the bottom. 

Enter the name of the Tag or Meal and hit enter on your keyboard.

Assigning Tags & Meals

To assign the Tag or Meal to an attendee, select the checkbox to the left of the name…

...then select the Tag or Meal from the appropriate tab at the bottom.

All selected guests will be assigned that Tag or Meal!

Select multiple attendees to add Tags and Meals all at once

Removing Tags & Meals

To remove a Tag or Meal from an attendee, simply click the Tag or Meal as it appears in the attendee's row.

Video Tutorial

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