Add Attendees with additional guests or 'plus-ones' (Legacy Version)

When using Attendee Manager, it may be necessary to include guests who are bringing a certain number of additional guests with them to the Event.

To include additional guests when Importing a Guest List, a column of Additional Guests must be included in the Excel/CSV file. This column is automatically available in our recommended template.

Enter the number of additional guests in the Additional Guests column of the Excel/CSV file. Do not include the original guest in that figure. 

Map the column that includes Additional Guest information into the Additional Guests column during Step 2 of the Guest List Import process.

The Attendee and each individual additional guest will be Imported into the Event. 

Additional Guests will be Grouped with their Attendee so that they are automatically seated together. The names of Additional Guests can be updated from within the full-screen view of Attendee Manager.

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