Importing a Guest List (Legacy Version)

If you already have guest list created in an Excel or CSV file, you can import it directly into an Event from the full-screen view of Attendee Manager. Importing guests will not override the existing attendees in the Event.

To begin the Import process, select Import from Excel/CSV from the Import dropdown.

Step 1: Upload Your List

Choose a CSV, XLSX, or XLS file to Import into Attendee Manager. If you haven't yet created a guest list in Excel, you can download the recommended template to get started!

Step 2: Map Fields

Match the columns the imported file to the column names in Attendee Manager.

Updated Logo.pngSeat guests: If the Tables have already been Named or Numbered in the event diagram, guests can be seated automatically upon import. If you do not Seat guests on import, Table Names and/or Numbers will not be imported from the Excel/CSV file. If you want to import Table Name and/or Number information without seating automatically, you can map them into a custom column instead.

Updated Logo.pngGroup guests by table: Guests will be Grouped together by the information imported into the Table Name column.

Step 3: Review Results

Any duplicates names or errors will be included here.

Video Tutorial

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