Interactive Floorplans on your Cvent Supplier Network Venue Profile

Easily update images on your Cvent Supplier Network Venue Profile! 

Accessing your Venue's meeting rooms

After signing in to Cvent, click Venues then the name of your Venue. Click Meeting Rooms under the Section links on the left hand side and click the little pencil/notepad icon next to the room you'd like to edit.   

Note: If you're having trouble viewing your rooms ask your administrator to assign you a user role giving you full access to your venue profile.

Adding image files

Once you are within your meeting room details select Add File to open the option to choose a file from your computer. 

After you have opened the image that matches the room you are currently editing, select Upload File. Just click Save when you are done! 

Preview the integration on your profile

Select Venue Details from the section Links and click Preview to see how the images look on your profile!

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